Adapting by mutation

HNE BIENHOGAR then & now...

In nature, completely new species often emerge after crises, for example Franz Hetzmannseder, a master metalworker who emigrated from Austria in 2005. 

Until 2009, everything ran almost by itself and he was a much sought-after craftsman on the large construction sites of the hotels, one after the other shooting out of the ground like mushrooms in the south of the island. “Oftentimes, hundreds of meters of stainless-steel railings had to be assembled and welded”. But the situation in 2008 can be compared to a combination of a meteorite impact and an ice age. The hotel construction stop of the Canarian government began to take effect gradually and also the world economic crisis at that time hit Spain, which lived up to then mainly from the building industry, particularly hard and suddenly.

After the disappearance of the large dinosaurs, it was time for something new as a result, Franz suddenly had to change and adapt and he discovered the private customer business, which was still stable in the south of the island. Quality-conscious homeowners continued to exist even during the crisis. He then began to sell high-quality brands and the business really developed. In 2014 he and his business partner Ulrike Müller decided to open an exhibition in Arinaga.

It was possible to move into the spacious hall in the industrial area of Arinaga at affordable conditions and since then it has offered many advantages. In addition to the large exhibition with about 200 square meters, there is now enough space for storage, a locksmith’s workshop, and even a paint shop. For the customers, who mainly live in the south of the island, it is no problem to drive the approx. 20 km to Arinaga. In return, there are also advantages, namely that the entire purchase of accessories is now in the immediate vicinity, which has also resulted in improvements in efficiency.

But it wasn’t easy to get started. “In addition to the investments in the hall, machinery, vehicles, furniture, computers, etc., the brands we represent insisted on further investments in elaborate exhibits. This is not cheap. The high-quality companies only work together with solid companies.” Ulrike proudly shows us her assortment consisting of different awnings, windows, doors, shading techniques, and railings.


The business is very consulting intensive. Markilux, for example, offers more than 1 million color and fabric combinations for its elegant awning systems and Finstral offers interesting detail solutions such as triple glazing, turn/tilt windows, and doors or internal shading with several advantages such as elegant design, dust-free slats and better protection of the parts. High-quality entrance doors with state-of-the-art locking technology can also be found here. The newest investment is the bioclimatic Pergola of Saxun with adjustable roof lamellas with protection against sun or rain, which could be sold now for the start into the summer season already several times.

Quality before growth

The business model at HNE BIENHOGAR is clearly defined. “The company sells and processes only the best brands and products on the market,” says Franz. He also implements this claim in his team, where he puts quality before growth. “Ultimately, I have to take responsibility for every project myself. You can’t afford to make any mistakes during assembly and time and again you have to solve unforeseen details at the customers.

“The working days usually last 10 to 12 hours, after the working day the new customers are still visited, but the company does not want to increase its company size from currently another 2 to 3 employees - despite the high demand. Accordingly, customers have to accept somewhat longer waiting times.”

Ulrike, who coordinates everything from Arinaga, tells us: “At the end of the day, satisfaction with a high-quality product comes first.


In addition, Franz is always in demand for special orders, e.g. we are shown a “flying” panoramic terrace of a luxury house on Monte León above the almost 200 meters deep Barranco Palmito. And due to the new orientation, the company has now also got wings. As a general representative, they now supply Fuerteventura and Lanzarote in addition to Gran Canaria.

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